Full List of Publications

Hammersley ‘Sociology, what’s it for? A critique of Gouldner’ 

Hammersley Obvious all too obvious gender and education

Revisiting Objectivity and Commitment in Sociolinguistics: From Labov to Lewis

Position paper on the issue of criteria of assessment

ETHNOGRAPHY – what is it and why do it?

On digital ethnography

On Epistemic Integrity in Social Research

On Hutchinson et al ‘s Winchian Critique

Research Design

What was radical about ethnomethodology?

Childhood Studies: A transdisciplinary field?

Reflections on Atkinson’s For Ethnography

Marxist bias and academic freedom

Reflections on the role of the liberal university and the role of the academic

What is qualitative research and what should it be?

Evidence-based policymaking-more than a slogan?

Is the evidence based movement more harm than good Reply to Chalmers

The Mis-selling of Social Science

Translating Research Findings into Policy and Practice

Review of the Field of Methodological Texts

Glossing inadequacies

Perils of impact


Am I a symbolic interactionist

Reproducing or constructing: on transcription 


Research Ethics


Myth_of_research_based practice 

On critical realism

Theory and evidence

Whose side was Becker on

Forms of capital

Assessing Validity in Social Research

Analytic Induction and Grounded Theorising

Critical Realism

Ethnography and Discourse Analysis

Is social measurement possible? 

Sampling and Thematic Analysis Response to Fugard and Potts

Relationship between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Research Integrity for Psychological and Social research

Response to Carpenter Research Ethics

Re-using qualitative data

Sociology, What’s It For? A Critique of Gouldner

Teaching Qualitative Methodology

Is it possible to teach research methods well? 


Troubles with Triangulation

What evidence for evidence-based practice?

On the Teacher as Researcher



On fact and value

Get Real! A defence of realism

Hammersley Staffroom News 1984

PhD Thesis A Peculiar World: Teaching And Learning in an Inner-City School

Hammersley and Scarth The Impact of Examinations on Secondary School Teaching



3 thoughts on “Documents”

  1. Thank you for you very insightful talks you gave in UCC this week. I really enjoyed them. I look forward to reading the documents on your site. I know at they will be a great help in clarifying some confusion I am having at present, as I am completing my MA in Anthropology this year.

    If you have the time, are there any other books that you might recommend to me on ethnographically or anthropological Tourism (especially in relation to Food and Consumerism).

    • Glad you found the talk useful Olga. I’m not sure I can help you much re the ethnography of tourism, it’s not my field. But the work of Karen O’Reilly on ethnography may be of use regarding this. You could also contact her, to see whether she could help:
      Best wishes, Martyn

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