Slides and Texts from Talks

Criteria Hamburg Slides

Criteria Hamburg Paper

Copenhagen Slides


Position on the issue of criteria of assessment

OU Qualitative Data and Analysis Slides November 2018

Cork ethnography 2018

Cork Research Integrity 2018

Epistemic Integrity chapter

Slides Paradigms Cambridge August 2018

OU Research Integrity Slides

Reviewing the research literature Slides

Should sociology be against inequality? BSA Network

BSA 2018 Should sociologists be against inequality Slides

Qual-World Conference Ethnography Slides

Ethnography Bibliography

Research Integrity Greenwich 2017

Oxford Ethnography Conference 2016 Slides

Against Gold Standards Saarbrucken

Ghent Philosophical Paradigms Slides

Thomas Coram Childhood Studies

Munster Evidence-based Policy Slides

Evidence-based policy and practice a popular myth 2015

King’s Can research be too ethical Slides

Reflections on Restudies 2014 Slides

Reflections on the value of ethnographic restudies talk 2014 text

Roehampton Research Impact 2014 Slides

What is qualitative inquiry Southampton 2012

Moralism 2010

Mixed methods 2012

Language and identity 2009

Case study and theoretical inference Lancaster 2010

What is analytic induction 2012

Causal analysis in qualitative inquiry 2012

Prospects for social research methods 2010

Prison ethnography 2012

Interrogating Quantitative-Qualitative Divide 2012

Possible to teach social research methods? 2012

Goldsmiths Ethics Justice, Care and Autonomy 2011

Greenwich Pragmatism and Paradigms 2013

Ethics Oxford Learning Institute 2013

Methodology, who needs it? Chester 2013

Bath causal analysis 2011

Linguistic capital talk 2011

Limerick Purpose of Educational Research 2011

London Medical Sociology Group 2011

Westminster Inst myth of r-based practice 2002

Ghent 2013 values and social mobility – meritocracy

Paradigms and Social Research Ghent 2013

Values and social inquiry copenhagen 2013

Myth of Research-based practice Copenhagen 2013

Research ethics MMU 2013

On evidence Aberdeen

Birmingham Nudge and RCTs

BSA Conference 2013 Riots

Qualitative Analysis of Interviews April 2013ff

Pragmatism, paradigms and research as reflective practice

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